Wholesale Tourism Destinations

A wholesale tourism company usually creates and markets travel packages including FITs for sale through travel agents who offer essentially lower prices than a person or company could obtain by booking their trip on their own, as well as facilitating the agency to better understand the services towards the end user.

Emark Group® is Mexico’s largest “Travel Network” for the leisure traveler dedicated in providing exceptional services to clients, as well as memorable experiences in the country’s most important beach destinations and cities.

Our efforts are focused on customer service, performance, logistics, marketing consulting, planning, resource management and operations. We are focused on servicing in the right direction within the main and most important tourist destinations in the country where we serve.

As DMC “Destination Management Company”, we are an extension of your company representing you and offering local ground services for different business segments according to the image and prestige that your company symbolizes.

Full Inclusive Tour: FIT, full inclusive tour packages (FITs) are an important part of the leisure traveler segment for us, in which we emphasize our personalized customer service. Nowadays, traveling individually can be very attractive and there are multiple options from which a potential traveler can choose his own itinerary through the web and the prices vary according to the day a flight is booked, as well as the category of the hotel, etc.

Charters: another version of travel that is less expensive and convenient, since many of them originate in cities that do not have a direct connection to a tourist destination, the frequencies are sometimes four to seven nights a week. The user has the possibility of obtaining good hotel properties, tours and entertainment, since prices are based on volume. At emark Group DMC® we have represented the most important and largest charter flight companies for their programs in Mexico servicing thousands of travelers simultaneously in our different destinations.

Cruises: specialized services in tours and activities for cruise ship passengers during their stay in Mexican tourist destinations such as the Caribbean and the Mexican Pacific coast. Most of the ships offer tours of a few hours since most of them do not spend the night in the port. Cruises can be a good option to visit different places. This is a very competitive segment, at emark Group DMC® in many cases we have permits to offer passengers short and safe tours in the city while the cruise is docked.

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