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The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Congress tourism is part of the tourism industry that promotes global development and sustainability. The tourism industry can be divided into leisure, business and congress tourism. The latter is represented in business tourism as well.

A convention is a meeting promoted by a company /organization which individuals meet in agreed place and time in order to discuss or participate in some common interest.

Conventions are often planned and coordinated by professional meeting and convention planners, either by the staff of the host company or by outside specialists. Most major cities and destinations have a dedicated convention center to host such events. The term MICE stand for “Meetings – Incentives – Conferences – Events or Exhibitions” which is used as an acronym in the Meetings & Events industry within the tourism sector.

Most common conventions are based on the industry, professions and enthusiasts with a common interest. Commercial Conventions usually focus on an industry or segment of the industry, featured keynote speakers, supplier exhibitions and other activities of interest to the organizers and attendees. Business conventions focus on issues of interest along with developments related to the profession and are usually organized by societies or communities dedicated to the promotion of the topic of interest.

At Emark Group DMC®, due to our infrastructure we operate large congresses, working closely with the organizing committee, providing transportation of participants to/from hotels, convention centers and/or meeting venues. Welcome banners and signage are placed at airports and hotels, our staff will be available to provide you with information on congress activities from the first day to the last participant.

Within our business curriculum at Emark Group DMC® we have successfully attended large international congresses and several corporate accounts at meetings and conventions, including the largest companies based in Mexico with more than 3000 participants. We have an important database for this segment of clients who have contracted their events with us over several years. We also serve a wide range of associations and corporations such as insurance, pharmaceutical, industrial, technology and others. We also offer special hotel rates for the organizers, original venues, fantastic excursions and in general high-quality services.

Outstanding differentiated segment services such as: on-site registrations, signage, booths & stand production, AV systems, DMC services (transfers, excursions, events & catering), VIP transportation, specialized and personalized services At Emark Group DMC® we create important Joint Ventures, offering the necessary conditions taking into account the value and competitiveness of the markets. Today, Emark Group DMC® stands as the best business network in Mexico.

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